Photography Tuition

Reasons why you should book one-to-one Photography tuition

It takes time to learn something new and people learn at their own pace which can depend hugely on your method of learning. My one-to-one tuition is designed to get you to shooting in manual at a speed that suits you.

Imagine you could be spending taking lots of beautiful photos instead of burying your head in a manual, or a book or even in the sand!

It costs £97.00  for 2 hours of my one-to-one Photography tuition. You’ve probably spent hundreds of pounds on your DSLR camera, lens and all the accessories you need and it’s not for me to speculate how you spend your money.

For some people, learning something new can be a scary thought and you may have the fear factor of even just looking at your camera beyond automatic.

I’m here to make your journey to shooting on manual as simple as possible and give you know-how to get pressing those buttons. I don’t want you to be scared of your camera though and will be right there with you as you take your first steps into shooting on manual. If you make mistakes, who cares? That’s all part of the learning curve.

Having a professional right there by your side to answer your questions and teach you at your pace is invaluable. You’re not forced to move along to the next part of the course when everyone else is ready but you’re not quite there yet. You are the only person in the class so will have my undivided attention.

  • Long Exposure

  • Landscapes

  • Seascapes

  • Woodland

  • City by Night

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