How I got the Shot

To get this image first off all you will need a few things

  • A camera that has manual setting control

  • Ideally a wide angle lens

  • Sturdy tripod

  • Graduated filters

  • ND 5 minimum filter ideally 10 stop (Big Stopper)

  • Cloth

  • Cable release / timer

  • Warm drink

So bag is packed you have researched the location an app like TPE will help with Sun location and times.​

On arrival have a mouthful of that lovely warm drink and have a look around you if you have not scoped the area before.

Now my tip here is setup your camera, connect the lens and filter mount and of course the tripod mount.

My Camera settings would be for the above image

  • Manual mode

  • Manual focus

  • A 24-70mm lens 

  • Any vibration compensation turned off

  • Long exposure compensation on

  • Check view finder is set for your vision

Once location and camera are sorted  time to set the Tripod up if like the image above it is a shingle beach push that tripod hard in.

Now camera on Tripod and line up that shot.

  • Set exposure to centred

  • Take the image reading for exposure time

  • Take a second image reading for the sky of lighter area of the shot

  • These will normally be different, get out the correct graduated filter 

  • Reset exposure to weighted

  • Take an image 

  • Check histogram and image , if all is good

  • Select mirror up

  • Close view finder

  • Double check focus with live view, zoom in if you can taking your time

  • Use your cloth to cover the lens barrel connection to the camera, removes light leak risk

  • Insert you ND filter

  • Set camera exposure to bulb

  • Set your timer to compensate for the ND filter

  • Click the Camera shutter button to lift your mirror

  • Make sure your timer is in your hand of fixed to the tripod, do not want it moving around

  • Stand so the wind is hitting you not the camera

  • Pick up your drink

  • Push the button on the Timer

That's it really oh and sadly a lot of practice

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