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About CTL Photography

With a passion for capturing moments on film or sensor so to speak for over 20 years. 

Every picture has its own story to tell

For some pictures you may never know the full story of what the photographer saw.

When you look at a picture a memory is re-lived or as you hang it upon your wall something made you want it just there, for each person a picture means something different, something personal.

Skill along with a good eye to make a project come to life.

If it is a portrait, a beautiful image from nature, or a long exposure the picture is always personal like the service we provide.

With our tailor made outdoor photography courses, being there at your weddings, or just need a nice print.

Life is full and needs to be lived we are all guilty of always remembering the bad parts of life, with a  picture it will tell the happier stories once more and bring memories back of when and where.

Happy to come along to groups or schools explaining the use of filters and long exposure.

If you have a project or an image you want captured please get in touch.

I am pleased to now be able to offer beyond personal  photography tours and one on one guidance at a location that suits.

CTL Photography

© 2020 by Clive Liddiard. 


Address: Leiston Suffolk United Kingdom

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